Health sciences stayed historically as a mystery for ordinary people, and healers became mystical personalities in primitive cultures. Later on, when the study of medicine became a scientific endeavor, doctors became an authority with paternalistic features. You never questioned anything; you almost never asked any questions and followed instructions without knowing what you were doing or why.

Now those times are gone, and health literacy has become an important field of knowledge. Now common people know more about medicine as a science than primitive healers, and we are taught about how the body works from school years. With the internet, all we should do is run a search, and we’ll have the answer to many questions regarding our health and that of others.

What are the signs and symptoms of this and that disease? What is the treatment, and how does it feel? What should I do to prepare for this or that diagnostic test? Are there any recommendations of things to do at home to relieve the symptoms? All of these questions are easy to ask nowadays, but there’s also a fundamental question to ask:

Are you getting reliable answers to all of those questions?

There is a lot of information posted on the internet, but there is also misinformation, myths, and misguided claims from people who only want to sell their products to unaware readers. That’s why it is essential to ensure that you get accurate information from trustworthy sources.

That is our primary goal in Jeftronic. We want to provide you with a source of medical information you can trust, with accurate writing guided by doctors and healthcare professionals. Our team is devoted to providing complete information in each category but making everything easy to read and understand, even if you don’t have any medical background.

Our teamwork and goals

Our team is composed of writers, editors, and a design team that works together to provide accurate information that is accessible to anyone regardless of their academic level.

Our writing team is mainly composed of healthcare professionals. They write medical articles based on their own experience and research and according to the latest evidence laid down in medical journals. They work on a tight schedule and leave some time at the end of the day to write medical articles aimed at the broad public. Despite being doctors and nurses, they try to use accessible language whenever possible.

After getting their first draft, articles by doctors are reviewed by our team of editors. They specialize in language and make sure that everything written is easy to understand for the layman. They also check the spelling, grammar, and other aspects of writing to provide readers with accurate content in terms of medical knowledge and grammar. Some editors in our team are also healthcare specialists and ensure the contents are correct and up to date.

After writing and editing, our design team receives the articles. They are in charge of merging the site’s information and ensuring that everything looks appealing to the reader. They also choose representative images to go along with the article and help readers understand what is being written. In some cases, they would also get assistance from the doctor who wrote the article to choose the images that better suit the contents.

And maybe the most crucial part of the team is you, the reader. We are always open to comments on how to improve our content and will hear your word if you want us to discuss any particular topic.

As mentioned above, the main goal of Jeftronic is to provide accurate medical information that is accessible to all types of readers, regardless of their academic level. We want to be your number one source of medical information, and that’s why we ensure everything is all right every step of the way.

What information will you find in Jeftronic?

If you keep up to date with our contents, you will end up having accurate information from healthcare professionals in different fields of medical sciences:

  • Medical conditions: These are among the most important articles we publish on our site. They describe medical conditions and give you an overview of each one. You will get broad information about health problems, syndromes, and diagnoses. In each article, you may also find links to broaden the information you find and know more about signs, symptoms, treatment, and more.
  • Signs and symptoms: This is also an important section, and it is perhaps one of the most popular because people feel something and don’t usually have a diagnosis in mind right away. Signs and symptoms articles are helpful because they give you a broad understanding of a given medical condition or guide you in case you have a symptom and don’t know where it comes from.
  • Remedies and treatments: We also have articles about medical treatments and home remedies. In these articles, we won’t provide details about how to use prescription drugs because they are meant to be recommended by your doctor. However, we provide a series of home treatments and remedies you can try and a valuable overview of medical treatment to know what to expect in the doctor’s office.

Something to remember

Now that you’re here and are interested in health and disease topics, it is essential to remember that the information on this site is not meant to replace your doctor’s advice in any way. Doctors make up a part of the writing team, and they usually recommend in their articles to ask a healthcare professional if you have any doubt.

Even if you think that you have all the information you need, there is a difference between the theory and the practice. A healthcare professional having you in person and performing a physical exam will be able to tell the difference and give you personalized advice according to your condition. Thus, do not disregard medical assistance.

With that in mind, you’re ready to start exploring topics and medical information made available by us in Jeftronic.